TED X Hyderabad

Hershey’s, Listerine , Anencephaly, cotton candy. Rubbers , bubbles Bella Hadid , Samantha ,all fakes let’s go! Love foundation. Hey Darling! I dream too long! Actually ! My body? beside me! mean.What I mean! Am still dreaming the dreamt.. Here I. Little anecdote , a little naive Cliche every where . Skrt skrt skrt. Namskaram […]

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Ethics of “Bharatanatyam” Live on Whenever I knock my door to my unique shit! It’d mean only one thang. Unlock to get my “GAME OF THORNS” (new suplex) I am from HYDERABAD! #OLDCITYGUY Let go! I love my gods! I’d take couple of rounds to get in! This is how I hocus-pocus To troll my […]

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BARE MY Hospitality! “Gandhi ji” on high! Kinda loud! Better be slapped! Ha ha! hmmm! Thanks for that! I do gonna come back for that! It’s Hyderabad fleek!. HI for now! This is me! Speak up some shit! It gonna wake up some shit! I ain’t no change from my first article! Am’a feed you […]

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a “Bitch” in Hyderabad.

We have some Finest “BITCHES” It’s a cold World This word, world needs some “Heat” Don’t Ditch This “BITCH” Gun shots! Boom! Boom! Boom! I introduce my “Hyderabad” like this! People of “Hyderabad” We think we can do any thang! But the thang is we ain’t do that thang! Finally every thang is done.. “Different […]

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“posh poris” of Hyderabad!

Rolling action ! Ting! Ting! Ting! •My alcohol bottles they sound real cool •Welcome to my “Bigan” blog! World full of Pizza’s Hyderabad is full of “Bigan’s” *No vegetables were “Harmed” While writing this article! •As our “National Costume” #Sari The “Hyderabadi girls” They “Drap” their #Sari real well .. My #Girl She is of […]

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a “Jimpak Chipak” Hyderabad!

Hey y’all Namastey hyderabad, Ana! Namastey! We hyderabad! we got 99 problems.. But we ain’t show one! Yeah Yeah Yeah! I knew you people hate reading! Switch! Hold up! Let me light up my cigarette! Puff pufff! Where am I.. Yah! As my caption was Hacked! This “squad” people know them as JIMPAK CHIPAK This […]

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Hyderabadi’s   #Gold

Hyderabad! We people eat, drink, sleep repeat. This is “Author” As am Hyderabadi I do repeat that good exercise! Hold on! Padma Shri. ‘Pv sindhu” Man! Age of 21! A roar of “Indian” Diversion sorry! Me in dreams .. Sounds! Dad what happen? As I love tv. My eyes on TV . Her Mother (p […]

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