TED X Hyderabad

Hershey’s, Listerine ,
cotton candy. Rubbers , bubbles


Hadid , Samantha ,all fakes let’s go!
Love foundation. Hey Darling!
I dream too long!
Actually ! My body? beside me!


I mean!
Am still dreaming the dreamt..
Here I.
Little anecdote , a little naive
Cliche every where .
Skrt skrt skrt.
Namskaram Hyderabad

21″gun salute


Who felt for our ! future feels!
Keep on reporting
Affirmation to your 50 molecular body.
Met a poet
So unorthodox


He recalling often thoughts! Want his own constitution with his remissions
He goes like this!
Fisker pulls off aye!


I can take those vampire bites!
With no anesthesia besides
Blow me a kiss ,blow me a kiss
Do it so quick , am so closer to cheek.
My case sheet of feels!
I let you in, my beef
Rolling my footsteps.
Rip flowers! Cracking smile!
Behind my last shit still.


fine day .
She ain’t hit the door up!
Aim on head pivot.
One fine day .
She ain’t hit the door up!
Aim on head pivot.
Her doggie in my palms!
no blaooow! It wasn’t me ! Ha ha!
Fooling my self for self fulfillment!
Just playing ! Nah! Ha ha!
24 is my favorite number!
2 he loves 4 !
Heart go blue blue.
If she got peach nail ! sobeautiful!
Ay ay ay hmm

Palms so cold.
Holding hand . Blowing head! If they don’t do calm! With everyone boom boom!
Heading West side
Heading east side.
Going through past life.
Had a feel life!
Let’s go go go !
Love need war!
War need war!
Fuck human law!
Suck that bone.
Jump soon!
Meeting on roof top.
Kissing when lift stops,
Holding nail color.
Waiting for lip

She hit

me with a car!
I walk around so far!
Met in coffin ring!.
Brought different pets, flower & cigarettes
I still talking!
Going to far what she want to be!
her on her back side
her on her back side
I know nothing !
should I do!
should I say!
My Holy dreams! Calm!
Aye! Love love!

you can relate to this.
Poet” is defining!
How your emotion and logic works!
We have two hemispheres!


” one deals with emotion!
“Left” one deals with logic!
Science say that !
With out knowing you!
They make a long relationship with your “neurons”and
Chemical substance! Base on your daily routine
Conversations, feelings, so forth!
It mean!. Your neurons getting laid , having sex
and all!
Please don’t go with your mind!
It may leads you! The way it needs too!
Hand tight, ring tight so high!

My lap

,she hot , tight hug , sound slap!
Curl love ! Boat ride, oven,Cup cake!
Fortnight! Love.
Love know? you so dirty!
Love it love it
TED X is all about!

Word of sharing!

Poet? Hella fuck that’s me!
Margazhi Designs!



Grap your’s

Return’s available !

Ha ha !


Hush “writers” of Hyderabad!

1,2, three 1,2,three
Let’s fuck this shit!
So fucking deep!

Mike‘s haann!
ha ha!
Excuse me check!
I do 24 slaps to wake myself af!
Just a little bit pop!


Ain’t no twerk herb is up .
if so ! You can pop out!


Ay! Ay! Ay!

Whip to, back to chopper , my gang is super sick!
Me on chopper with once upon gang!
I’ve been thrown out when chopper goes fry fry.
My clique of 4 . Falling so parallel to me, we were around middle air approximately.


Real haters blow up my so easy

Life jackets ain’t give a fuck, if I do they may die maybe.


Only Lord knows!  Why ? I killed four of them , and the next second ?  I was aiming for lady deceiving ,who thrown me out from the chopper so slowly.

Doooo! Doooo!


Bullets on traveling with no money! Few “tick toks
to hit the spot of fleshy.


A quick past ! We were fooled,in a beautiful trip lady. Wait..! Actually am I having?
A magical fruit besides that .
It was fake too ha ha!



I need I need samosa‘s couple of lassi‘s
Finally this lady “Aparna malladi a Filmly entrepreneur” said am done !
Suspens!Story continues,Tomorrow same place ,same time.

Ok Bye!


Off Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Opposite GVK One, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034


Namastey Hyderabad!


Ain’t no psychedelic ain’t no Illuminati can save !

Have gratitude has much as you look!
Up there! The best place of Hyderabad!
Me be on abouts, what‘s , for real.
On top roof of “lamakaan thick papers falling in slow Mo.


Just plug this !   

 & Have your piece of pizza story!
This creators starts from “alpha ” they won’t end with “Omega “you know what I mean ?

Industry is so perjury ! Some may go wow!
Some may go hmm!

Still these different talents appreciate their ever day!
Lamakaan” a place where what you want to be.

OH ! that story of “Aparna malladi” it’s a part of my story.

Ha ha !
Fuck your Peace to live in Peace”

Dip in rejoice!

Go figure.

Peace out Hyderabad!

Bye Bye!

Fashion , Fusion “ISHNA RAWLANI”

Blessed up to bless up!

Just link yourself!

Humans do fall , everybody!

Let me in you. In my dreams

Newton is on roll with me.

Falling from sky.

And close to hey world!

My position eyes on blur.

My Boutonniere facing those stars.

carrying dozen of flowers.

2 feet close to hit the ground!


Do me a favor dream hard ha ha!

& visit my Hyderabad in RIKSHAW!



This hyderabad is happy. When you feel happy OK you’ll

Let’s go!

Let me “Boomerang” this moment




She all over into my BLOG

She go “Bling Bling” on her all clean, fine fashion

From dreaming to Fashion model, Business then to Fashion Blogger!  

am “super” close to her “VLOG” 

Fusion of fashion. In high composition,

She Let us know of all trending fashion score.

By merging her self into era of fashion

That make you’ll feel about women feminist



She has a plot in rich astrology

A women with rich ethnics of own manifesto

She faced a real good journey.

When “ISHNA RAWLANI” was kid

She used to hit the cafe in Hyderabad

To have 1/2 of IRANI CHAI.

Done! “Now”

She is a top most fashion blogger we have in hyderabad!

Ha ha ha!

She a global seed from her lovely MOTHER

This fashion seeds grow everywhere …

HYDERABAD is proud what’s happening !

Ha ha ha!

I have an shout out to say.

That our old ethics of women slavery is getting dead by God charm!

Have sweet! And sweat it out!

Want to know about this lady more ?

All social networking sites know




Have a girl child!

Blog is all about feminism.

Visit ,follow, share my wrotesome.wordpress.com

Final #word meet people, love nature




Ethics of “Bharatanatyam”

Live on

  • Whenever I knock my door to my unique shit!

It’d mean only one thang.

  • Unlock to get my “GAME OF THORNS”

(new suplex)

I am from HYDERABAD!


Let go!

I love my gods!

I’d take couple of rounds to get in!

This is how I hocus-pocus

To troll my BLOG ,my God’s

Hey all convicts, savages of HYDERABAD!


This is CEO!

And I play a role of JANITOR!

Of this Mo**er fu**ng BLOG !

Ha ha!





Why you sniffing, checking my FEET ?

Shan’t, i’aint, I can’t in my blog!


Smoke real cancer ! You as ‘ ass!

Ha ha!

I shan’t be saying this!

My people my shit’s,my Indian’s

“We Drop” our “MERDE” in every neighborhood!

Perhaps GOOD or BAD or neither!

Our grains have some nutritious of “MERDE”

We Indian we grow in any condition!

Ha ha!

Dancing on Himalayas. .

Let’s dig in!

Make some “Mo**er Fu***nG”



Made with Square InstaPic


A Female INDIAN international artist!

Nominated and Capitalized in “GRAMMY music” section

a “FEMALE” my brothers?


Now move in.

Compliments ain’t define her Jewellery!

This lady doesn’t follow to full fill your fantasy entertainment music!

She do proud India as Indian!


High school propane.

A Grammy nominated , SONG WRITTER,RAPPER

a ALL rotation “Artist”

Made with Square InstaPic


Her “bindhi” roll it’s all

Music plays his high portion!

This lady makes her, our indian traditional hustle.

In her every god damn!

Music video!

Reminisce, hold on,

To your tradition !

Make music

Cure sick!

How I know her

You ain’t gonna get this huge Nepotism involved!

Soon she get Grammy!

Who ever making an 1% of effort to read this!

Gender ain’t make any difference!

We just woke up

To do new dream!

To all those who stay.

Wherever ,whatever,

Make yourself high!

And make India high!

This Honor to my women power out there!

Doesn’t stop!










BARE MY Hospitality!

“Gandhi ji” on high!

Kinda loud!

Better be slapped!

Ha ha!


Thanks for that!

I do gonna come back for that!

It’s Hyderabad fleek!.

HI for now!

This is me!

Speak up some shit!

It gonna wake up some shit!

I ain’t no change from my first article!

Am’a feed you same!

You know!

Film industry, my whole dramatic world surfing

On word “LOVE”

It has some serious business, wardrobe

This felling has his high graph on stock market!

Better keep your buck on that bug.

You aint gonna loose that buck for real


Wait! What?

Come’on man! Errrrrr!

My Dog


»»Wanna speak

Cause I love my Dog!

He love my Blog!


This is paw of street .


  • Name (Round Tail)

Hol’up where is my mud tub!


»»Hey !

“Hyderabad paws”

Assalam Walekum!

You need to face some

Serious allegations, consequences

Just because she Hot AF paw!

Ain’t mean that she can be the front page of your magazine “hyderabad paws”




¤Author ..

Stop “round tail ” you’re insane!


¤ “Round tail” ..

  • What stop! Man

She left me bro. And she making me jealous as hell! By Showing her cute af stuff on the Magazine!

That eyes!

I love the click tho!

¤ Author ..

  • Calm down roundtail if’not we be in hell!

Oh god!

¤ “Round tail”

  • Dam you boy!

oh man!

“This love tail aren’t be in straight”

On that note!

I applause to introduce the CEO of!

“HYDERABAD PAWS” & many other!



“PONDER” this word doesn’t have time SOUND!

This lady has huge respect!

So deep empower in her!

Her shoes just made for her!

Words give publicity

Actions give personality!

Just a sneak peek of her!

A superwoman who is helping paws , serving poor people who  are rich at ‘Hearts’.

In a Trending zone!

Need to care your paw.

Just go through the paw Magazine


Available at your near stores!

IDOL just born in hyderabad!

I ain’t get tired by saying this!

Girl rule! Man.


So Beti bacho Beti padhao

So “Hyderabad”

We hate so much! Wrotesome.wordpress.com

Cause we can’t love to much!

If we, we ain’t have space to built Mahal over here!


The reason why I kept their

Snap pictures as “Theme Header”

They love their “Paws”

And love their paw pictures!

“Loyalty love” can only found in paws!

Protect your self.

Protect your Nature!

No harm bro!






Stop checkin into “Coffee” shop

And you Grown Carrot stop staying in .

parking cellular!

Good bye!


a “Bitch” in Hyderabad.

We have some Finest “BITCHES”

It’s a cold World

This word, world needs some “Heat”

Don’t Ditch

This “BITCH”

  • Gun shots!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

  • I introduce my “Hyderabad” like this!

People of “Hyderabad”

We think we can do any thang!

But the thang is we ain’t do that thang!

Finally every thang is done..

“Different Colors represents different Country”

And the word “BITCH”

it represents my World!

That one milli second..

When you saw a “Bitch” on your street

  • It just block your “Fucking” numbness!

  • Shut your “Emotions”

  • Shuts your every Dran thing!

Out on..

That milli second!

You know what ?

people still “Do hit that Street”…

To feel that “Moment” which Shuts out !

“Sociological ” of them!

“Only that milli second brother”

Don’t go further!

Ha ha #Fucker








So people just Stuck on that “Moment”

Only the moment made her “BITCH”

So you call her “BITCH”

It’s the moment

“Moment” is Equal to “BITCH”

Let me increase the Proximate!


We “Snort” hard!

Let me introduce to you all!

a Racism between “a Girl and a Bitch” in


  • a Girl who is trying be as equal as men

Called *BITCH

  • a Girl in short Dress called *BITCH
  • a Girl put on some makeup, to feel like girl.

called *BITCH

It’s hyderabad man!

I Do change my “shit” regularly!

Do you?

“a Change in we”

“Could be a change in ourself”

  • BITCH is a “moment”

It’s not you or her!

Moment just pass on it ain’t gonna stay tho!



It’s sruthi Hasan inspiration in my fucking article!


Next time when I saw a BTICH

Am signing all my red, blue, pink, Flowers!

To the BITCH







“posh poris” of Hyderabad!

Rolling action !
•My alcohol bottles they sound real cool
•Welcome to my “Bigan” blog!
World full of Pizza’s
Hyderabad is full of “Bigan’s”
*No vegetables were “Harmed”
While writing this article!
•As our “National Costume”
The “Hyderabadi girls”
They “Drap” their #Sari real well ..
My #Girl
She is of 20 . Busy in #snaps
She had a Unique cool drap of her sari!
We hyderabad we do respect a lot!
Let’s roll it!
•Hey beautiful how are you?
She ditched …•fire emojis
Let me show some real respect
• hey girl your lipstick it ain’t match with your sari!
She 100% attention ha ha!
I ditched . • smile emojis
*Besides that
Let me #Flex this.
As am “Hyderabadi”
•Who said Girl’s ain’t rule in Hyderabad!
A Web series in #youtube
Soon !
Let me say about this “Ladies”
The more you “Strem”
The more they “Hustle” ..
Even “Titanic” wouldn’t be “Sinking”
If she was the #Director
•The Director she is very famous “APARANA MALLADI”
•The #Writer she is even more familiar
A mechanical engineer.
This branch people are so talented
From kid..
Even I so!
Ha ha!
•Casting they killed it
They are high!
they are so cute as they are.
Soon this #series goona bang!
On you tube..
•1st to 21st century every one can do watch!
#poshporis is all about fashion, tradition, entertainment ..
I meet all man!
•One #biryani that’s it “all friends”
You know ha ha!
So let .
This be in personal
Ha ha!
Cut it man!
We have left only 2gb memory brah!
Producing is so Tuff nowadays !
What say?
Ha ha!
If you want to know how girls rule
In hyderabad you can get “The Best” answer
By their “Grooms ”
Future is in safe #Hands
I love to #Grind myself & others!
So #Betibacho #Betipadhao
#Peace out

•”poris” »» a Telugu word
Which mean “GIRLS”
• “Bigan” »» a Hindi word
Which mean “BRINJAL”