TED X Hyderabad

Hershey’s, Listerine , Anencephaly, cotton candy. Rubbers , bubbles Bella Hadid , Samantha ,all fakes let’s go! Love foundation. Hey Darling! I dream too long! Actually ! My body? beside me! mean.What I mean! Am still dreaming the dreamt.. Here I. Little anecdote , a little naive Cliche every where . Skrt skrt skrt. Namskaram […]

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Ethics of “Bharatanatyam” Live on Whenever I knock my door to my unique shit! It’d mean only one thang. Unlock to get my “GAME OF THORNS” (new suplex) I am from HYDERABAD! #OLDCITYGUY Let go! I love my gods! I’d take couple of rounds to get in! This is how I hocus-pocus To troll my […]

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BARE MY Hospitality! “Gandhi ji” on high! Kinda loud! Better be slapped! Ha ha! hmmm! Thanks for that! I do gonna come back for that! It’s Hyderabad fleek!. HI for now! This is me! Speak up some shit! It gonna wake up some shit! I ain’t no change from my first article! Am’a feed you […]

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a “Bitch” in Hyderabad.

We have some Finest “BITCHES” It’s a cold World This word, world needs some “Heat” Don’t Ditch This “BITCH” Gun shots! Boom! Boom! Boom! I introduce my “Hyderabad” like this! People of “Hyderabad” We think we can do any thang! But the thang is we ain’t do that thang! Finally every thang is done.. “Different […]

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