Meenakshi pamnani . A “Fashion potpourri”

Thanks to tuning
Into my site.
We have cooking show today!
Hope you like “all”
First we have .Take
a bowl
Next some ingredients..
2 •The shimmer girl
3 •The shimmer tale
4 •Meenakshi pamnani
5 •Dwaraka Ravi teja
6 •Rachel shruthi
6 •50 kilo lipsticks!
7 •500 kilo makeup!
This post yet got posted. Different time and date for every one.
For Meenakshi Pamnani -it’s JULY 30
Ha ha!
“As we all” know !
We are ‘hyderabadi’
We people have lot of “Dhum”
As we eat Biryani so!
This writing , cooking show is all about.
a Fashion blogger ,
She teach what to wear & what to not !
Instagram call her “Theshimmergirl”
YouTube Call her “Theshimmertales”
Snap chat call her “Theshimmergirl”
“Dwaraka Raviteja” call her Brahmin girl ,wifey!
“Rachel shruthi” call her BFF!
#Leo call her “soul sister”
I call her “Pout” artist
And you can get to know all kind of fashion tips
Only Girls can search it!
He he…
Serious talk..
Actually my sister she is a big follower of her.
She have some real dope fashion tips
Once I met her at some coffee shop
So I went to her!
am pavan!
She “pout”
You are so inspiring for new generation
My sister she follow you very bad
She “pout” again
Me – 0.o
Me – smile emoticon
She – “pout”
” pout”
Oh man! this insta!
I can’t talk so long to this Video tho!
Fashion is “unpredictable”
I mean the word fashion
Every time it surprise me when I saw her pictures!
So people #BetiBachao #BetiPadhao
Hold up!
Hold up!
my show (o.0) man?
If you want to know what “shimmergirl” is cooking .
Blog into “
She really have some good stuff!
You want to read some
Blog into
I do cook daily!
50 kilo. “Lip sticks” Meenakshi Pamnani ate every thing.
Proof this video


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