a “Jimpak Chipak” Hyderabad!

Hey y’all
Namastey hyderabad,
Ana! Namastey!
We hyderabad!
we got 99 problems..
But we ain’t show one!
Yeah Yeah Yeah!
I knew you people hate reading!
Hold up!
Let me light up my cigarette!
Puff pufff!
Where am I..
As my caption was Hacked!
This “squad”
people know them as JIMPAK CHIPAK
This “Twerk” is getting million hits on youtube!
Rap culture in Hyderabad.
Starts with, like JIMPAK CHIPAK
Last night I got a chance to meet the crew at Park hotel.
I managed to meet up.
These people are awesome. we people had huge
They about to release new single #TipiriTipiri
They are so kind,Neat.
Few hours.. I got stoned.
“Mc Mike” he is still hanging with #Johnnywalker
“Mc uneek” he is broking his bones in #dance
“Sunny” he ain’t leaving that #Biryani
“Om sripathi” he won’t leave his #skateboard
“Sravya bodapati” She is fine!
She ain’t there at the party..
I Wish . Could meet her.
Am big fan of #salim #fake’ku
You know what I mean!
#haha #someonDopeHYD #Deccanhyderabad


As my day runs with music!
We have the finest “Bands” & they “Hustle” in Hyderabad!
They make sure.
Your playlist. Is on first list #TipiriTipiri
They ain’t that popular tho!
But you might recognize them.
At the last day of #ganapathinimarjanam!
Even they give their best music at our
Death ceremony !
If you want to live in Music &.
Die in music.
Is the best place do visit!
This blog is all about motivation, inspiration
If they can. you can! Just #start

28 thoughts on “a “Jimpak Chipak” Hyderabad!

  1. Your blog is really interesting. Different from the usual. 😊
    Hyderabad is on my travel list. Film city, shopping, biryani and pullareddy sweets😁😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

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