a “Bitch” in Hyderabad.

We have some Finest “BITCHES”

It’s a cold World

This word, world needs some “Heat”

Don’t Ditch

This “BITCH”

  • Gun shots!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

  • I introduce my “Hyderabad” like this!

People of “Hyderabad”

We think we can do any thang!

But the thang is we ain’t do that thang!

Finally every thang is done..

“Different Colors represents different Country”

And the word “BITCH”

it represents my World!

That one milli second..

When you saw a “Bitch” on your street

  • It just block your “Fucking” numbness!

  • Shut your “Emotions”

  • Shuts your every Dran thing!

Out on..

That milli second!

You know what ?

people still “Do hit that Street”…

To feel that “Moment” which Shuts out !

“Sociological ” of them!

“Only that milli second brother”

Don’t go further!

Ha ha #Fucker

So people just Stuck on that “Moment”

Only the moment made her “BITCH”

So you call her “BITCH”

It’s the moment

“Moment” is Equal to “BITCH”

Let me increase the Proximate!


We “Snort” hard!

Let me introduce to you all!

a Racism between “a Girl and a Bitch” in


  • a Girl who is trying be as equal as men

Called *BITCH

  • a Girl in short Dress called *BITCH
  • a Girl put on some makeup, to feel like girl.

called *BITCH

It’s hyderabad man!

I Do change my “shit” regularly!

Do you?

“a Change in we”

“Could be a change in ourself”

  • BITCH is a “moment”

It’s not you or her!

Moment just pass on it ain’t gonna stay tho!



It’s sruthi Hasan inspiration in my fucking article!


Next time when I saw a BTICH

Am signing all my red, blue, pink, Flowers!

To the BITCH







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