BARE MY Hospitality!

“Gandhi ji” on high!

Kinda loud!

Better be slapped!

Ha ha!


Thanks for that!

I do gonna come back for that!

It’s Hyderabad fleek!.

HI for now!

This is me!

Speak up some shit!

It gonna wake up some shit!

I ain’t no change from my first article!

Am’a feed you same!

You know!

Film industry, my whole dramatic world surfing

On word “LOVE”

It has some serious business, wardrobe

This felling has his high graph on stock market!

Better keep your buck on that bug.

You aint gonna loose that buck for real


Wait! What?

Come’on man! Errrrrr!

My Dog


»»Wanna speak

Cause I love my Dog!

He love my Blog!


This is paw of street .


  • Name (Round Tail)

Hol’up where is my mud tub!


»»Hey !

“Hyderabad paws”

Assalam Walekum!

You need to face some

Serious allegations, consequences

Just because she Hot AF paw!

Ain’t mean that she can be the front page of your magazine “hyderabad paws”




¤Author ..

Stop “round tail ” you’re insane!


¤ “Round tail” ..

  • What stop! Man

She left me bro. And she making me jealous as hell! By Showing her cute af stuff on the Magazine!

That eyes!

I love the click tho!

¤ Author ..

  • Calm down roundtail if’not we be in hell!

Oh god!

¤ “Round tail”

  • Dam you boy!

oh man!

“This love tail aren’t be in straight”

On that note!

I applause to introduce the CEO of!

“HYDERABAD PAWS” & many other!



“PONDER” this word doesn’t have time SOUND!

This lady has huge respect!

So deep empower in her!

Her shoes just made for her!

Words give publicity

Actions give personality!

Just a sneak peek of her!

A superwoman who is helping paws , serving poor people who  are rich at ‘Hearts’.

In a Trending zone!

Need to care your paw.

Just go through the paw Magazine


Available at your near stores!

IDOL just born in hyderabad!

I ain’t get tired by saying this!

Girl rule! Man.


So Beti bacho Beti padhao

So “Hyderabad”

We hate so much! Wrotesome.wordpress.com

Cause we can’t love to much!

If we, we ain’t have space to built Mahal over here!


The reason why I kept their

Snap pictures as “Theme Header”

They love their “Paws”

And love their paw pictures!

“Loyalty love” can only found in paws!

Protect your self.

Protect your Nature!

No harm bro!






Stop checkin into “Coffee” shop

And you Grown Carrot stop staying in .

parking cellular!

Good bye!


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