Ethics of “Bharatanatyam”

Live on

  • Whenever I knock my door to my unique shit!

It’d mean only one thang.

  • Unlock to get my “GAME OF THORNS”

(new suplex)

I am from HYDERABAD!


Let go!

I love my gods!

I’d take couple of rounds to get in!

This is how I hocus-pocus

To troll my BLOG ,my God’s

Hey all convicts, savages of HYDERABAD!


This is CEO!

And I play a role of JANITOR!

Of this Mo**er fu**ng BLOG !

Ha ha!





Why you sniffing, checking my FEET ?

Shan’t, i’aint, I can’t in my blog!


Smoke real cancer ! You as ‘ ass!

Ha ha!

I shan’t be saying this!

My people my shit’s,my Indian’s

“We Drop” our “MERDE” in every neighborhood!

Perhaps GOOD or BAD or neither!

Our grains have some nutritious of “MERDE”

We Indian we grow in any condition!

Ha ha!

Dancing on Himalayas. .

Let’s dig in!

Make some “Mo**er Fu***nG”



Made with Square InstaPic

A Female INDIAN international artist!

Nominated and Capitalized in “GRAMMY music” section

a “FEMALE” my brothers?


Now move in.

Compliments ain’t define her Jewellery!

This lady doesn’t follow to full fill your fantasy entertainment music!

She do proud India as Indian!


High school propane.

A Grammy nominated , SONG WRITTER,RAPPER

a ALL rotation “Artist”

Made with Square InstaPic

Her “bindhi” roll it’s all

Music plays his high portion!

This lady makes her, our indian traditional hustle.

In her every god damn!

Music video!

Reminisce, hold on,

To your tradition !

Make music

Cure sick!

How I know her

You ain’t gonna get this huge Nepotism involved!

Soon she get Grammy!

Who ever making an 1% of effort to read this!

Gender ain’t make any difference!

We just woke up

To do new dream!

To all those who stay.

Wherever ,whatever,

Make yourself high!

And make India high!

This Honor to my women power out there!

Doesn’t stop!









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