Fashion , Fusion “ISHNA RAWLANI”

Blessed up to bless up!

Just link yourself!

Humans do fall , everybody!

Let me in you. In my dreams

Newton is on roll with me.

Falling from sky.

And close to hey world!

My position eyes on blur.

My Boutonniere facing those stars.

carrying dozen of flowers.

2 feet close to hit the ground!


Do me a favor dream hard ha ha!

& visit my Hyderabad in RIKSHAW!



This hyderabad is happy. When you feel happy OK you’ll

Let’s go!

Let me “Boomerang” this moment




She all over into my BLOG

She go “Bling Bling” on her all clean, fine fashion

From dreaming to Fashion model, Business then to Fashion Blogger!  

am “super” close to her “VLOG” 

Fusion of fashion. In high composition,

She Let us know of all trending fashion score.

By merging her self into era of fashion

That make you’ll feel about women feminist



She has a plot in rich astrology

A women with rich ethnics of own manifesto

She faced a real good journey.

When “ISHNA RAWLANI” was kid

She used to hit the cafe in Hyderabad

To have 1/2 of IRANI CHAI.

Done! “Now”

She is a top most fashion blogger we have in hyderabad!

Ha ha ha!

She a global seed from her lovely MOTHER

This fashion seeds grow everywhere …

HYDERABAD is proud what’s happening !

Ha ha ha!

I have an shout out to say.

That our old ethics of women slavery is getting dead by God charm!

Have sweet! And sweat it out!

Want to know about this lady more ?

All social networking sites know



Have a girl child!

Blog is all about feminism.

Visit ,follow, share my

Final #word meet people, love nature



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