Hush “writers” of Hyderabad!

1,2, three 1,2,three
Let’s fuck this shit!
So fucking deep!

250 Mike‘s haann!
ha ha!
Excuse me check!
I do 24 slaps to wake myself af!
Just a little bit pop!

Ain’t no twerk herb is up .
if so ! You can pop out!

Ay! Ay! Ay!

Whip to, back to chopper , my gang is super sick!
Me on chopper with once upon gang!
I’ve been thrown out when chopper goes fry fry.
My clique of 4 . Falling so parallel to me, we were around middle air approximately.

Real haters blow up, so easy

Life jackets ain’t give a fuck, if I do they may die maybe.

Only Lord knows! Why ? I killed four of them , and the next second ? I was aiming for lady deceiving ,who thrown me out from the chopper so slowly.

Doooo! Doooo!

Bullets on traveling with no money! Few “tick toks
to hit the spot of fleshy.

A quick past ! We were fooled,in a beautiful trip lady. Wait..! Actually am I having?
A magical fruit besides that .
It was fake too ha ha!


I need I need samosa‘s couple of lassi‘s
Finally this lady “Aparna malladi a Filmly entrepreneur” said am done !
Suspens!Story continues,Tomorrow same place ,same time.

Ok Bye!
Off Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Opposite GVK One, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Namastey Hyderabad!

Ain’t no psychedelic ain’t no Illuminati can save !

Have gratitude has much as you look!
Up there! The best place of Hyderabad!
Me be on abouts, what‘s , for real.
On top roof of “lamakaan thick papers falling in slow Mo.

Just plug this !

& Have your piece of pizza story!
This creators starts from “alpha ” they won’t end with “Omega “you know what I mean ?

Industry is so perjury ! Some may go wow!
Some may go hmm!

Still these different talents appreciate their ever day!
Lamakaan” a place where what you want to be.

OH ! that story of “Aparna malladi” it’s a part of my story.

Ha ha !
Fuck your Peace to live in Peace”

Dip in rejoice!

Go figure.

Peace out Hyderabad!

Bye Bye!

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