TED X Hyderabad

Hershey’s, Listerine ,
cotton candy. Rubbers , bubbles


Hadid , Samantha ,all fakes let’s go!
Love foundation. Hey Darling!
I dream too long!
Actually ! My body? beside me!


I mean!
Am still dreaming the dreamt..
Here I.
Little anecdote , a little naive
Cliche every where .
Skrt skrt skrt.
Namskaram Hyderabad

21″gun salute


Who felt for our ! future feels!
Keep on reporting
Affirmation to your 50 molecular body.
Met a poet
So unorthodox


He recalling often thoughts! Want his own constitution with his remissions
He goes like this!
Fisker pulls off aye!


I can take those vampire bites!
With no anesthesia besides
Blow me a kiss ,blow me a kiss
Do it so quick , am so closer to cheek.
My case sheet of feels!
I let you in, my beef
Rolling my footsteps.
Rip flowers! Cracking smile!
Behind my last shit still.


fine day .
She ain’t hit the door up!
Aim on head pivot.
One fine day .
She ain’t hit the door up!
Aim on head pivot.
Her doggie in my palms!
no blaooow! It wasn’t me ! Ha ha!
Fooling my self for self fulfillment!
Just playing ! Nah! Ha ha!
24 is my favorite number!
2 he loves 4 !
Heart go blue blue.
If she got peach nail ! sobeautiful!
Ay ay ay hmm

Palms so cold.
Holding hand . Blowing head! If they don’t do calm! With everyone boom boom!
Heading West side
Heading east side.
Going through past life.
Had a feel life!
Let’s go go go !
Love need war!
War need war!
Fuck human law!
Suck that bone.
Jump soon!
Meeting on roof top.
Kissing when lift stops,
Holding nail color.
Waiting for lip

She hit

me with a car!
I walk around so far!
Met in coffin ring!.
Brought different pets, flower & cigarettes
I still talking!
Going to far what she want to be!
her on her back side
her on her back side
I know nothing !
should I do!
should I say!
My Holy dreams! Calm!
Aye! Love love!

you can relate to this.
Poet” is defining!
How your emotion and logic works!
We have two hemispheres!


” one deals with emotion!
“Left” one deals with logic!
Science say that !
With out knowing you!
They make a long relationship with your “neurons”and
Chemical substance! Base on your daily routine
Conversations, feelings, so forth!
It mean!. Your neurons getting laid , having sex
and all!
Please don’t go with your mind!
It may leads you! The way it needs too!
Hand tight, ring tight so high!

My lap

,she hot , tight hug , sound slap!
Curl love ! Boat ride, oven,Cup cake!
Fortnight! Love.
Love know? you so dirty!
Love it love it
TED X is all about!

Word of sharing!

Poet? Hella fuck that’s me!
Margazhi Designs!



Grap your’s

Return’s available !

Ha ha !


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