Hyderabadi’s   #Gold

Hyderabad! We people eat, drink, sleep repeat. This is “Author” As am Hyderabadi I do repeat that good exercise! Hold on! Padma Shri. ‘Pv sindhu” Man! Age of 21! A roar of “Indian” Diversion sorry! Me in dreams .. Sounds! Dad what happen? As I love tv. My eyes on TV . Her Mother (p […]

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My eyes  on T.v T.v love me so much . (No Breaks) “Diversion”  sorry ! “Flash” on me. Besides that “am Faster” than him Running.. “Flag in my hand” “Eyes on my flag” “Stopping the Future” “Storing the Memories” Kid of 5th grade ¡ me so Small ¡ That was “my independent day” Happy independence […]

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